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Author: (e.g., Chong, Ping)
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Theater Name: (e.g., Silver Whale Gallery)
Theater District: (e.g., Broadway)
Theater Style: (e.g., Proscenium)
Production Company: (e.g., Arena Stage)
Producer: (e.g., Matthews, Michael)
Director: (e.g., Yew, Chay)
Performers: (e.g., Fred Major played Player)
Start Year: (e.g., 1978)
Start Month: (e.g., 5)
Performances: (e.g., 1)
First Production: (Select an option)
Set Designer: (e.g., Moss, Anguss)
Composer: (e.g., Silversher, Michael)
Lighting: (e.g., Moon, Sang-Hee )
Costume: (e.g., Vonk, Johan)
Choreographer: (e.g., Fleming, John)
Music: (e.g., Man, Wu)
Sound: (e.g., Lee, Phil)
Production Type: (e.g., Run)
Production Code: (e.g., PR000408)

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