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This screen searches only the scenes of plays that are included in the database by specific criteria.

Scene Title: (e.g., Breaking Glass)
Play Title: (e.g., Breaking Glass)
Author: (e.g., Uma Parameswaran)
Written for: (e.g., Stage)
Genre: (e.g., Melodrama)
Settings: (e.g., Urban) (e.g. Shop) (e.g.Interior)
Character Name(s): (e.g., General Fish Belly)
  Occupation: (e.g., Seaman)
  Sexual Orientation: (e.g., Heterosexual)
  Gender: (Select an option)
  Race: (e.g., American Indian)
Number of Characters: (e.g., 5 or 1-3)
All Subjects: (e.g., Homesickness)
Name as subject: (e.g., Smith, Bessie)
Organizations: (e.g., White House)
Geographical: (e.g., Urumba Basin)
Historical: (e.g., Tiananmen Square Massacre)
Topic: (e.g., Daughters)
Scene Code: (e.g., PL007269-D008)

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